Monday, March 28, 2011

The Challenge is ON!!!

Hey folks!

Just this morning I challenged my hubby to a necklace sales war! :) I needed to motivate my salesman of a hubby to sell; of course I have a lead already, but if he is the true salesman I know he is I will need help to win!

So I am now asking everyone again if you will help support, not only our adoption, but Ugandan women feed their families and stay off the streets. I can’t tell you how huge it is for these women to have a trade where they make these beautiful necklaces and can now feed their families, and stop selling their bodies! So important! There is also our adoption of the orphan too that I am asking you to help with. The orphans, the poor, the widowed are the heart of our Lord and he wants us to care for them; period.

So the challenge…it may not sound like a big deal to you, but I get a 15 minute shoulder/back rub people! This is huge stuff in my world, I never get this.. the hubby and I are selfish in this dept. I really do not care to scratch his back so he holds out on the back rubs…so help a working mommy out folks because I really do not want to scratch his back… :) (Disclaimer: this is so irrelative in the actual cause and purpose of selling the necklaces, but is a great motivator for me to become a pushy saleswoman! :) )

Thursday is the last day to order.

Leave a comment to order, or send me an e-mail at

Also here are some more pictures of the necklaces that gives you a closer look at their beauty.

You can see my original posts a few posts back on this fundraiser.


  1. Hey Carrie! I'll take a necklace! Hope you win :)

  2. I'll take one too. Can you choose at all which color, size, etc.?