Friday, March 18, 2011


Hey Everyone!

I have been given special pricing on these necklaces until March 31st and so for $20 you can have one of these beautiful necklaces or give them as a gift (Mother's Day is around the corner...hint hint) and not only will you help our adoption, but you will help these beautiful women support their families in Uganda. Please read more below.

I also want to give a huge shout out to 147 for there beautiful hearts and awesome fundraising opportunities for families like mine. I hope to sell some of their shirts later, we have a lot of them floating around our family, but for now necklaces.

If you would like to order one of these please e-mail me ( by March 30, 2011 with how many and we can work out payment then. Thanks so much!

Go HERE for more info.

Ugandan Necklaces

147 Million Orphans is honored to share the story of our sisters in Uganda who hand make these necklaces from recycled paper. They roll the beads by hand, dip them in varnish, and thread them onto the string. Prior to learning how to make these beads, most of the women "picked trash" or turned to prostitution to provide for their children.

By purchasing these necklaces, you help a mother earn make a sustainable income to provide for her family. We are also proud to donate to Amazima Ministries' feeding program from the profits of these necklaces. The feeding program, run by Katie Davis, provides food to children and their families in the same area of Uganda. It is a beautiful, full circle story of the body of Christ.

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