Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WOW GOD & Necklaces

So I have to share this Wow God Blessing that happened....

A lovely woman read my post that I linked on Linny's Blog, and left me a comment that she was praying, and then said her word verification to leave the comment was BLESS! She had been praying about whom she should bless with support and God made sure it was loud and clear to her through word verification!

I am just in awe of that...God took the Internet and word verification to make it clear whom he wanted his servant S.A. to bless and she did. In all the comments I leave on blogs I never, ever, remember getting an actual word for the verification, NEVER.

God is so good and continually reminds me that this is our path and he wants us to continue on it. He's got it in his hands!

Thank You so much S.A.!!

Don't forget to order your necklaces, my post is HERE about that.


  1. Whooa! Now that's a God story!! Love it!!

  2. We are part of the AGCI family. Will be following your journey!