Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am very joyful today y'all. Joyful in the blessings the Lord keeps pouring out and filling the holes in my sometimes doubtful heart.

A few days ago we received a wonderful surprise blessing that just brought me to tears. Not just because of the blessing itself, but because people are getting it. They are getting what we are doing for the orphan, not that this is something we are just selfishly doing for ourselves, but are wanting to be a part of what God calls us all to do. This just warms my heart. I want others to do something, not just for our adoption, but wherever God calls them.

So many of you, friends, give us the encouragement and blessings we need just at the right time. So many of you have blessed us with your gifts, your necklace purchases, and most importantly your prayers to our Father and his plan for the child or children that will be adopted into our home. I just don't even know how to express how much this means, and how grateful we are that you are supporting us and you get what our God commands, and that is to care for the least of these.

Nothing gives me more joy then to bless others who are adopting, or are in missions, or are in need, and to have our future children be on the receiving end of that right now is just so very special.

We still have a long way to go, but big things are coming, and I hope to announce one of them in the next week.

Brother and Sister through adoption not just into our family, but more importantly into God's....unconditional love shown here

** Side note ** We have sold out of our first order of necklaces, but have more coming very soon. Thank you friends who have been selling for us, but most importantly spreading the word about the least of these, and we will have more very soon. Let me know if you would like one; they are absolutely breathtaking pieces of work!

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