Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clean Up, Clean Out, Donate

Turn your unused items into a blessed gift for orphans. My Family is jointly holding a Rummage Sale with the Bailey Family, to raise money for the fees associated with bringing the next members of our families “out of Africa.” The sale will be held in my church's Family Center on July 23rd.

We will be collecting gently used items that may be sold to fund the obscene cost of adoption. Please contact me to arrange for pick up of your donated items at least one week prior to the sale.

I will have more details on the sale later...we may be raffling some pretty cute baby quilts and I want even my bloggy friends to be able to buy tickets if you want.

I have been reading so many stories lately of orphans that are suffering so much and it breaks my heart even more. Please pray for all orphans of the world and ask God to show you what you can do to help!

God Bless

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