Monday, June 13, 2011

Always Learning

Always Learning and liking to teach and share because it’s that important….

Yesterday we attended our late church service because that is the service the bible school kids were going to participate and sing in, and our sweet EJ was in. **side note** I am so proud of our EJ she sang all the songs and did so well; usually she will not sing in church; she is growing up!

Anyhow we are early church people because Mr. Mo does not do well at all in late service. That’s kind of his sleepy time, even though we stopped giving morning naps, he just cannot be confined to a pew at this time of day.

So my learning point.

Mo has definite trigger points. Hunger or sleepiness and he is a different little boy. He hits and throws fits, and did I mention he hits. So yesterday in church he was hitting me and getting upset and I tried as many distractions as I could until I had to take him out. Left to roam and be distracted from his sleepiness helped.

While I was in church with him I kept thinking oh man I wonder how many people are watching this, and then I just realized it doesn’t matter. They may judge or have opinions, but they don’t realize or know, like I do, where this is coming from, and it’s Ok.

As an adoptive parent I have learned that there is normal 2 year old behavior and then there is behavior related from trauma and trauma that hits as your brain develops.

For instance when Moses hits his sister when she is egging him on or teasing him; normal two year old behavior….when he hits and throws fits over one of his triggers, this is a behavior that has developed from trauma early in life and that is the only way he knows to react. So my job as a parent is to not induce more trauma but help him learn to react differently; which takes time.

With EJ I am starting to realize more of her triggers as well that I didn’t realize when she was younger and am now trying to develop different ways to help her too.

So as much as I might not always like adoption education it really is so beneficial, but also more importantly what I want to pass along, especially to the women, is to TRUST your instincts. Trust what God has instilled in you as a Mom, because more than any education your God given, Holy Spirit driven instincts work the best.

**See post below for info on our next fund raiser** God Bless!

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  1. Carrie, I bet anyone watching Moses in church could only think about how cute he is! As mothers, we are all learning. Even adults have triggers, right? ;-) God is good all the time! -Sarah S.