Thursday, June 28, 2012

Are you Comfortable???

Are you Comfortable?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately.

As sinful people we all tend to quickly judge, question other people’s actions, and think we know what is best for others. And as a sinful people when others come at us with concern that comes out as, here is what I think you need to do instead, we get awful defensive, don’t we? I know I do.

So let’s go back to the question… Are you Comfortable???

Most of us, though struck by tragedy at times, are pretty comfortable and secure in our lives, aren’t we?

We like that predictability, and we like to prepare and insure almost everything. You know, Just in case….

We have schedules, and plans for our future’s and our children’s futures. Our lives are figured out and barring no unexpected catastrophe, life is good and sweet and predictable. We’ve worked hard and we deserve what we have worked for. We have all experienced tough stuff, some more than others, and we deserve to just do what we want and make ourselves happy. Our plan will be to just cruise into heaven when the time comes at the ripe old age of whatever and God will say to us “Way to go, you collected all this stuff, and did all these things for you. Oh, and you went to church every Sunday to spend an hour with me and fellow Christians and did a few charitable things here and there. You provided a secure future for your family and rested well in your retirement years. Way to go Good and Faithful Servant...


Whoa…I am not so certain God would say this, are you? And actually, I really don’t think this is what I want to hear God say to me, his child whom he brought to this earth for a purpose. My only purpose really, which is to do HIS will.

Recently my husband and I have been making decisions, or are on the verge of making decisions that have brought some interesting responses and that make me step out of my comfort zone big time.

I have found that adoption is one of those things that God has willed for our family and one of those things I can’t control or predict one single bit. I have to rely COMPLETELY on God. COMPLETELY!

And here is something I realized. I LOVE IT! I love seeing him move in ways that only HE can do. I have seen him move hearts to pray, to give to families, to support them emotionally, to ask questions so they can understand, and so many more things.

I have seen unthinkable things in adoption that bring about God Moving Miracles and it brings me to tears all the time.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look at my children and thank God for the gifts he has given and the stretching he has done. Because the journey does not end just when they come home, and I have to rely on him as I love them through the hard. I won’t expand on my children’s individual situations here, but they both started out their life with a huge loss and a lot of hard. Sometimes those things effect their behaviors, but I know it, and I just love them that much harder. They are beautifully and wonderfully made.

It absolutely excites me and scares me the desire God has placed in Kent and I’s hearts to bring more children home.

I love how God doesn’t look at our age, our bank account or future plans; he simply just lays his desire and plan on our hearts and asks us to let him carry it through.

That’s it.

No matter how hard it gets, and it is always hard, he carries us through and ministers to our hearts so we can love his children.

I am so in awe of HIS story for our lives. Every Day.

So the conclusion to all this is.. I think everyone should adopt so they can know what I mean.

Ok, not really, I just wanted to see if you were still reading.

I do believe we all need to make a conscience effort to step out of our boxes every day and lean on God to do it.

Instead of making yourself, schedules, and things your priority start the day out asking God to please help you see what he wants you to see for the day, and to do what he wants you to do in every moment of your day.

My family and I have committed to try and do this, and we will fail, we are sinful beings, but we will get back up and face what the Lord has for us.

We are making a lot of decisions and contemplating a lot of things that are soo outside the box, and uncomfortable and it is so exciting; truly!

I wake up every morning, go downstairs, open my Bible, and I just beg God to help me see him, and to be with me, because I NEED him Desperately.

So love, hate, or plain don’t care about what we do or say or ask, but if anything please ask God to move your heart and see the things he wants you to see and love.
Don’t judge, don’t make conclusions, but pray and truly seek him.

It’s amazing what God does to our hearts when we stop talking with our eyes, and just start loving his people even when what they do makes zero sense.

If we all did this I truly believe I would never have to ask others to open their eyes to the need of the lonely, the widow, and the orphans and then to act on it.
Over and over in God’s word it talks about loving each other. It’s hard a lot of times, but more and more I am just doing it. It’s amazing how much this ministers to me and those around me.

So I dare you..

Start loving others truly with everything you have and just see for yourself the beautiful working of our Father. It may hurt and stretch you farther than ever, but it will bring you that much closer to God and his will for you and that friends is EVERLASTING.

Hebrews 6:10

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work & the love you have shown him as you have helped his people & continue to help them.

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