Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Bad 11 Letter Word


Yep, you read that right. It has now been added to my list of bad words.

To be completely honest, I DO NOT like to do it, at all, for anything. I love to help others out in their fundraisers, but it is so hard to do it for myself.

Our first two adoptions we were fortunate enough to not have to do it much at all, but this one needs completely funded with help. I know God can do it and the money is not for me but for his will, and that never has been a doubt.

The adoption journey is hard enough, but fundraising can be harder than the paperwork, the wait, the attacks from Satan…of course fundraising is one of the best places for Satan to attack isn’t it?

When you ask Family, Friends, Church Members, Co-Workers, and everyone else in between to help you with money it is just not easy and hard.

When I ask, most will Judge. And Most will have an opinion on the manner in which I asked, or why I am asking, or think why is it my problem to help you with your “calling”? Some have stated it’s like you’re trying to make me feel guilty.

All this just rattles me up and wants to make me just be quiet. No one likes to be vulnerable, and when you fundraise it is the most Vulnerable spot to be in.

But the truth is I CAN’T BE QUIET! I’ve tried, it’s too hard, because what I know and feel in my heart is just too GOOD to be contained Y’all! SERIOUSLY! You want to get in on some if this goodness!

With that said here are stmt’s I have made or am making today.

1. I do not believe that everyone I ask to help us is meant to help us. What I ask is that you truly seek God in the decision about us and anyone reaching out with a way to help the children of God here in the U.S. and around the world.

2. Understand that it is hard for me to ask, but we are truly seeking God in all of it, and adoption is one of the ways God has put on our hearts to love the least of these. It is only one of the ways we are doing it, but the most costly at this point.

3. Please know that I can’t make you feel guilty, only you can. If you feel guilty by the things I have said then talk to God and ask him why? Maybe he is touching your heart for something special that will open your world up like never before. I know mine has been and continues to be.

I have had this post on my heart a long time. What I want to come from it is hopefully more of an understanding and to let you all know that we are doing what God wants us all to do. Care for the least of these in whatever way he shows us we should. The bible is our book on life and how to live it. I am just asking if you want to be a part of helping us give an orphan the love of Christ in tangible/physical way.

God mentions the least of these all over the bible. I read new verses all the time! I love that he knows we need to be reminded. If we don’t keep these things in front of us all the time, we forget them, and go on with our normal lives, but I do not want that, do you?

I hope you understand my heart here, and I pray that we are all touched with the things God wants us to see and act on the things he wants us to do.

Lastly Here is a link to a dear sister in Christ, Kim’s blog. Her post yesterday and a portion of the article she copied spoke so much to me and had me nodding my head in agreement the whole time. I pray it touches you too.

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  1. hello Carrie, I thought I'd pop in here and see how you're doing :) since you mentioned fundraising in your post, I have just a few seconds ago, before coming here, visited Deb's blog in and she was sharing about this cupcake fundraising sale, it seems successful... if having them around your church and family might be a bit difficult, you could have them somewhere else where there's lots of people, for example flea markets? or something like that... and with a poster explaining what it's for... it might be a big help... just an idea :) thought I'd share... hope it all goes well with His help :)