Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Impact of Closing Adoptions in Guatemala...Please Watch this

Most of you know that we were able to bring our daughter home from Guatemala a month before the country closed its doors to adoption in order to conform to the Hague Treaty...a treaty that the Guatemalan Government was not set up to support AT ALL.

Throughout the months of waiting to bring EJ home we knew that the country was on the verge of what happened in December of 2007 and we knew there was a great possibility that we would not bring our daughter home....

Our hearts still have hope to go back someday and adopt and even to serve.

This video lays out the truth and the impact of what is now happening to this beautiful countries children. I can't even explain what this does to my heart...the sadness the anger...but our hope is in the Lord. Please pray for Guatemala and it's children.

Thank You Strong Family for posting this video.


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